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Welcome to my Newest site Eurocoeds.com I originally wanted to start filming for this site 3 years ago when I first traveled to Europe. But things turned out to be much harder to setup for filming, versus in the USA… For one thing, most of the girls wouldn’t do naked photos or videos with me, because I’m just some stupid foreigner… Well I refused to give up… I kept traveling back to Europe all this time, and have finally gotten my friend group large enough to start filming some of the naturally BEAUTIFUL European girls that I meet out here in the real world. This isn’t just another site featuring European beauties… You might know my original site, NebraskaCoeds, and if you do, you will also know that I am really just your average Mid-western American guy, who’s really expanding to Europe, flying there every few months to hang out with my friends there, and also to film some new girls. THIS site is definitely my real passion project. Euro girls are so much more open than American girls… also, they don’t have the obsession with Fatty Fast Food, and Ugly Ink on their bodies. Nothing but pure sexual, beautiful girls. My name is Jim, and I’m now a 35 year old guy. I started Nebraskacoeds back in 2000, and I’m using everything I’ve learned from that site, while filming this site. Hope you enjoy my work! And, as always, please feel free to email me any questions or comments! I’m VERY fast at responding to emails! You can email me at necoeds@gmail.com

Latest Site Updates
Young Luize Glowstick Vagina Gapes And Stretching
Luize 11/08/2016
Luize showed up at my door sometime after midnight. She had been out partying and was in a playful mood waiving a handful of glow sticks. "I want to light up my pussy" was her request. My reply was "why not, come on in and get naked....I'll get my camera. For the next half hour I shot Illuminated Pussy.

Tags: , Brunettes, Fingering, Gaping
Fly On The Wall Voyeur Video Of Roxy In Riga Apartment
Roxy 11/04/2016
This update is a voyeurs delight. Roxy is one wild red head. She came over to play, but before she played she took a shower, put lotion all over he body and then got down to business. She loves to masturbate and get herself off in front of me or anybody else that might be in the room. This time it was a one on one with me. Roxy is multi-orgasmic and when she cums the neighbors two apartments over know that ROXY JUST CAME!!!!!

Tags: Dildo, large labia, long pussy lips, Masturbation
Samanta With Big Titties Glow Stick Masturbation With Gapes
Samanta 11/01/2016
Samantha could give you a hard on fully dressed. Fortunately her clothes don't stay on for very long in this update. If you like close ups Samantha bares it all. From her big tits to a pretty pussy you will see everything Samantha has to offer and, you will see it close up. Samantha got to play with some glow sticks and she filled her pussy with them. When she was finished she had a rainbow pussy. You will see it all in close up.

Tags: Anal, Black Hair, Close-Ups, Dildo
Fly On The Wall Video Of Linda Masturbating And Smoking Weed
Linda 10/28/2016
Linda lives one building over from me and the water heater went out in her building. She knocked on my door and ask if she could take a shower. Fine with me I said. When she got out she said, "mind if I smoke?" So she got high. Her way of thanking me for the favor was to put on a little show that I could film. And, just to make me horny she masturbated and used a Rabbit dildo on her self.

Tags: Behind-the-Scnees, Blondes, Latvian, Masturbation
Hot Candice Naked In The Forest Masturbating In Public
Candice 10/25/2016
Candice and I found a secluded place in a dense forest. We could hear voices in the distance, but it sounded like they were picnicking. The location offered privacy with the possibility of us being discovered. Candice liked the idea of getting caught so she was all for shooting. The hot sun was illuminating a clearing and she laid out a blanket to shoot on. She got naked as fast as possible and then began playing with her clit. Her totally shaved pussy got very wet and it was dildo time. I got great closeups as she plunged the vibrator in her puss. You can see the shine on her privates. After she came she got dressed and we left quickly. No one caught on to her masturbation in the sun.

Tags: Blondes, Close-Ups, Dildo, Masturbation
Mira Rubber Ducky Bathtub Masturbation
Mira 10/21/2016
Mira, Mira, Mira! You cute little hot, hot, hottie! Splashing around my bath tub rubbing rubber duckies all over your tight body. I thought that was hot but then you put the bill of Mr. Duckie into your tight pussy. The poor duck nearly suffocated. When that didn't make you cum so you got yourself off with a 8 inch dildo.

Tags: Black Hair, Close-Ups, Latvian, Masturbation
First Time Lesbians Samanta And Areana Drunk During Positivus Music Festival
I found these two friends at a music festival. After partying for a while the three of us headed back to a cottage I had rented for the weekend. It was primitive but private. A simple comment "why don't you two warm each other up ended up becoming a full fledged lesbian romp. It didn't take long for these two hot bodies to bring the room temperature up. Samantha and Areana started out with passionate kissing and body licking. Then they turned their attention to serious pussy licking and deep penetration with rabbit vibrators. The pair truly enjoyed getting the other off. The music at the festival was good but the passionate noises were much better.

Tags: Blondes, Brunettes, Close-Ups, Dildo
Amazingly Beautiful Bree Vegetable And Fruit Masturbation In My Kitchen
Bree 10/14/2016
I didn't know how to approach Bree about shooting with fruits and vegetables. So when she arrived for her shoot I simply pointed at the carrot; cucumber' and banana sitting on the kitchen counter and then pointed at her crotch. Bree said "why not" so she proceeded to masturbate will all of it in her pussy. I think she like the cucumber the best, but I thought the banana in her butt was excellent. There are lots of closeups in the video of the well lubed fruits and vegetables disappearing into dark places.

Tags: Black Hair, Busty, Close-Ups, Dildo
Cute Luize Working Out Nude Then Dp Double Penetration With Jump Rope Handles
Luize 10/11/2016
Tight bodied Luize came over to my place to use the exercise equipment. She tried the ab roller, the exercise ball jump rope and the hula hoop. After she did her body work out it was time to work out her pussy. Luize is not shy about masturbatin in front of my camera. She forcefully buries the vibrator against the clit to the point that her ample pussy lips surround the toy. When she penetrates herself Luize pounds the vibrator in and out of her pussy as fast as she can. Luize needs all the stimulation possible and she DP's herself with a vibrating butt plug. She is one of the most voracious masturbators I have ever shot. When she finished the area around her pussy was glowing red! You will love this update with all the great closeups of Luize pleasuring herself. When she is finished Luize pulls her pussy open to show you more pink.

Tags: Anal, Black Hair, butt plug, Close-Ups
Voyeur Style Video Of Lexi Naked Haniging Out Then Masturbating On Couch
Lexi 10/07/2016
It was a winter day when Lexi came by to get out of the cold. A hot shower did the trick. Lexi hung around in a towl, smoked a cigarette and watched TV. I picked up my camera and ask her if she wanted to shoot. I got the thumbs up and tossed her a vibrator. Lexi used the toy on her clit until to get herself warmed up and then plunged it deep into her bald slit. Eventually the dildo became a blur of activity as Lexi got herself off.

Tags: Black Hair, Close-Ups, Dildo, Latvian
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