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Welcome to my Newest site Eurocoeds.com I originally wanted to start filming for this site 3 years ago when I first traveled to Europe. But things turned out to be much harder to setup for filming, versus in the USA… For one thing, most of the girls wouldn’t do naked photos or videos with me, because I’m just some stupid foreigner… Well I refused to give up… I kept traveling back to Europe all this time, and have finally gotten my friend group large enough to start filming some of the naturally BEAUTIFUL European girls that I meet out here in the real world. This isn’t just another site featuring European beauties… You might know my original site, NebraskaCoeds, and if you do, you will also know that I am really just your average Mid-western American guy, who’s really expanding to Europe, flying there every few months to hang out with my friends there, and also to film some new girls. THIS site is definitely my real passion project. Euro girls are so much more open than American girls… also, they don’t have the obsession with Fatty Fast Food, and Ugly Ink on their bodies. Nothing but pure sexual, beautiful girls. My name is Jim, and I’m now a 35 year old guy. I started Nebraskacoeds back in 2000, and I’m using everything I’ve learned from that site, while filming this site. Hope you enjoy my work! And, as always, please feel free to email me any questions or comments! I’m VERY fast at responding to emails! You can email me at necoeds@gmail.com

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Sonja Masturbating In An Abandoned Building
Sonja 09/19/2017
Sonja and the adventures in the Latvian abandoned buildings. Armed with nothing but a blanket a camera and a horny mind. We went together searching for an empty space for us in one of the abandoned buildings in Latvia to shoot the sexy Sonja masturbating. I surely enjoyed all of what happened that day and I'm sure you will too!!

Tags: amateur, Artistic, Ass, Black Hair
18yo Fresh Small Town Girl Vera Doing Her First Time Video
Vera 09/15/2017
Small town Vera is one of the most beautiful and cleanest girls I've filmed so far. Her sexy slim body and perfect B sized breasts are just about right. She was a little shy when she first came to my apartment but once I showed her around and guided her through the shoot she got more comfortable and stripped down for me. Watch her using a rabbit dildo for the first time on camera!

Tags: 18 year old, amateur, Balcony masturbation, Black Hair
19yo Selena Glass Dildo Masturbating With Some Help From My Fingers
Selena 09/12/2017
Latvian coed Selena has the looks of a girl next door, but this horny coed is a sex kitten waiting to cum. She won't hesitate to get naked and play with her big tits for a bit before asking me to work her up a bit with my magical fingers so after she can pull out a glass dildo and pound it into her needy pussy until she's moaning.

Tags: 19 year old, amateur, Artistic, Bed Masturbation
19yo Angelica Banging Herself Out In My Window With A Huge Black Dildo
Angelica 09/08/2017
After enjoying a small, pussy tingling, striptease dance that makes her gradually take off her clothing and underware and leavinh just stockings on, 19 year old Angelica gets down and dirty squeezing her puffy titties and then filling her juicy pussy with a big black dildo that will bring her to the climax that this hot Latvian craves.

Tags: 19 year old, amateur, Blondes, Busty
Fresh 20yo Maria Gaping Her Tiny Pussy With Glowsticks And Letting Me Rub Her Clit
Maria 09/05/2017
20 year old Maria is a wild and crazy coed with a sex drive that won't quit! Check her out as she takes off her clothing and pulls her underware down to give you a peek at her bare pussy. Nothing will stop her from showing us how she likes using a bunch of glowsticks to really get her dripping bald pussy pounded!

Tags: 20 year old, amateur, Artistic, Ass
18yo Milania First Time Naked On Video
Milania 09/01/2017
Amateur Milania may be new and shy but she won't let that stop her from showing off her flexability and total sexual deviant side. Slipping her bra and panties off, she takes a moment to play with her ultra sensitive boobs and rock hard nipples as well as satisfying her lusty shaved pussy.

Tags: 18 year old, amateur, Artistic, Ass
19yo Selena Gaping And Playing With Glowsticks
Selena 08/29/2017
Flexible young Selena is never shy about playing with her full boobs and bare pussy. When her talented fingers aren't enough to bring her the pleasure she craves, this lusty coed isn't afraid to use a all kid of toys to satisfy the needs of her lusty bald fuck hole. Watch Selena as she uses glowsticks to plesure herself.

Tags: 19 year old, Artistic, Bed Masturbation, big boobs
18yo Jete Tiny Pink Pussy In My Bedroom Window First Time Ever Dildo
Jete 08/25/2017
Barely 19 years old, shy sweet Jete wants to show you how very naughty she can be beneath that shy exterior. This young coed is slim with a fair-skinned body that you'll want to touch all over. From her small boobs to her creamy bare pussy, she'll stop at nothing until her magic pink vibrator have brought her off.

Tags: 18 year old, amateur, Ass, Blondes
Tiny Sarah Peeing And Using A Huge Dildo Letting Me Help To Orgasm
Sarah 08/22/2017
Tiny coed Sarah is horny as hell. This total cutie knows that she wants it hard and deep, and since her fingers can't quite do the job she'll use a rock hard dildo to hit all the right spots but not without my help. Take a look!

Tags: amateur, Ass, Bed Masturbation, Blondes
19yo Selena Masturbating In My Bedroom Window
Selena 08/18/2017
A set of perky boobs are one of coeds Selena's greatest assets. Check out this Latvian babe as she shows those knockers off with and without a bra, and then peels off her panties so she can use her favorite toy and magic fingers to work that bare fuck hole to climax while sitting on my bedroom's window to the sound of church bells.

Tags: 19 year old, amateur, Ass, Black Hair
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